Slow Cooked Carnitas with our Simmering Sauces

Slow Cooked Carnitas

Give your classic pork carnitas a twist by cooking them in one of our simmering pouches! You only need two ingredients: Our sauce + pork. Leave it to your slow cooker do the rest! 


1 pound of Pork shoulder cut in cubes 

1 pouch of ANY OF our sauces 



RUB salt and pepper on the pieces of pork.

ADD the pork to the slow cooker.

TOP with the simmering sauce of choice (Fajita, Pastor, or Green Enchilada are our personal favs for pork). 

COOK for 6 hours..

SHRED with two forks and enjoy! 

SERVE with some diced onions, cilantro, sour cream and top with your favorite hot sauce! 


*You can also try your pressure cooker for this recipe. We usually pressure cook the meat for 35 min and natural release for 10 min. 

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