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    Pulled Pork Al Pastor Sliders

    Looking to whip up some quick appetizers for your next BBQ or picnic? You can never go wrong by preparing these Pulled Pork Al Pastor sliders! Impress your family and friends by simply taking a generous amount of pulled pork, sliced pineapple, diced onion and cilantro all on a Hawaiian dinner bun! 



    1-1.5 of pork shoulder 

    1 pouch of our AL PASTOR sauce 

    12 Hawaiian dinner rolls

    1 onion diced 

    1 bunch of cilantro diced 

    Thinly sliced of pineapple (reference picture) 


    Lime wedges, and salsa verde for dipping 



    PREPARE your pulled pork. We like to cut ours in cubes and pressure cook it in the instant pot for 35 minutes. Pre-made unseasoned pulled pork (or carnitas) also work for this recipe. 

    REMOVE  any liquids from the pork and shred. Once ready,  add one pouch of our Al Pastor sauce and let it simmer in the sauce for 10 min. 

    WHILE your pork is simmering in the sauce, chop the onions, cilantro and the slices of pineapple. If you want to serve the buns warm, you can use this time to quickly heat them up in the oven (broil setting high for 2-3 min). 

    ASSEMBLE your sliders. Cut each bun in half and add 2 tbsp of the Al pastor pulled pork, top with cilantro onions, and slices of pineapple. Repeat until all the buns are stuffed. 

    * for taking this dish up a notch, serve them with a cilantro cream, green salsa, our pair with your favorite hot sauce. 


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