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    Mole Enchiladas

    You've probably tried baked enchiladas, but did you know the authentic Mexican way to make them we use a dipping the tortilla method! This method is simple when cooking with our simmering sauces and the end results will give you super saucy enchiladas! 
    6-10 tortillas 
    1 cup filling of choice: chicken, pork, veggies, eggs
    Toppings: queso fresco, cilantro, sour cream, onions, or lettuce
    HEAT tortillas by desired method. We recommend quick pan frying with your favorite oil. For microwave, heat for 45 seconds. 
    PLACE sauce in a pot and bring it to simmer. Remove from heat.
     DIP each tortilla in the enchilada sauce (we are using the mole) place them on a plate and stuff with filling before rolling up. 
    TOP with toppings and enjoy! 

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