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    Breakfast Chilaquiles

    Chilaquiles is one of the most popular breakfast dishes served in Mexico… some even say, it cures hangovers!  Whether you are making this for breakfast, brunch, or lunch… adding our Green Enchilada sauce will save you precious time in the kitchen and will leave your dish tasting 100% authentic. 


    tortilla chips (half a bag)

    1 pouch of Green Enchilada sauce 

    2 cups of shredded cheese 

    4 sunny-side-up eggs

    1 chicken breast shredded (optional) 

    For garnish:

    avocado slices 

    cilantro chopped 

    half an onion sliced 

    optional: sour cream and hot sauce


    There are different ways to make these, but this one is our favorite:


    HEAT your pan to medium heat.

    ADD tour sauce to the pan and bring it to simmer.  

    MAKE your sunny side up eggs on a different pan. This is a good time to warm up your chicken if you are using any. 

    ADD your tortilla chips to the sauce and move around until all of them are covered with the sauce. Remove from the heat.

    TOP everything with cheese, the eggs, and chicken. 

    ADD the onions, avocado, cilantro, and any other fresh toppings and serve!  


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