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Chicken Mole Quesadillas

A flavorful Mexican antojito like no other, these pulled chicken quesadillas with mole are set to become one of your favorite dishes! We are also including a family trick we do to keep our quesadillas crispy without using any sort of frying oil! 


3 chicken breasts shredded 

1 pouch of our Authentic Mole sauce

half a chopped red onion 

fresh cilantro chopped

2 cups of shredded cheese (Mexican blend or Pepper Jack) 

4 burrito sized tortillas 



ADD the Authentic Mole pouch to your chicken and mix to combine. 

ADD half of the onion and cilantro mixture to the chicken and mix. 

HEAT a nonstick pan to medium heat. Add cheese to the pan and top with your Tortilla. This method makes the quesadillas crispy on the outside, without the need to add any oil. 

ADD your cheese and the Chicken mixture. Close the quesadilla and watch it cook for about 2 more minutes. 

FLIP your quesadilla and let it cook until the cheese from the inside melts. 

CUT your quesadillas in 3 pieces each and serve with a plate of Sour cream and more fresh cilantro and onions on top! 



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