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Baked Chiles Rellenos in Mole sauce

April 18, 2022 1 min read

Baked Chiles Rellenos with Mole sauce

Who doesn't LOVE stuffed peppers? These are very simple to make and the flavor of our mole sauce provides the perfect coating. You can customize this recipe and make it vegetarian by not adding the meat. The sauce itself is pretty rich so adding minimal ingredients to your peppers totally works! 


anaheim peppers (6) 

olive oil for the peppers 

1 pound of ground beef 

1 cup of cooked rice 

queso fresco 

1 pouch of our ready to use Mole sauce 

sour cream 

sesame seeds 


COAT your peppers in olive oil and broil for 7 minutes.

COOK your ground beef until it is no longer pink. Make sure to break any lumps.

REMOVE your peppers from the oven and peel the skin off.

STUFF your peppers with the fillings. We mixed cooked white rice with the ground beef. You can also stuff them with shredded chicken or rice and beans. 

TOP your stuffed peppers with cheese and broil until the cheese melts. This will take about 5-7 minutes. 

HEAT up your mole sauce in a small pot until it begins to simmer. Set aside. 

REMOVE peppers from the oven. Top the peppers with the sauce, add any other desired fresh toppings and enjoy! 



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