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    Mole Rice-Stuffed Peppers

    Looking for a meatless dish to try with our Authentic Mole sauce? Try this recipe! Our Authentic Mole simmering sauce is perfect for giving this rice dish all the right flavors! Try this recipe in stuffed peppers or enjoy the mole rice as a side dish!


    1/2 onion chopped

    1 cup or mushrooms

    1/2 cup of corn (frozen or can) 

    2 cups of uncooked rice

    1 cup of water or veggie broth

    1 Authentic Mole pouch

    2 bell peppers 

    1/2 cup of cheese 



    PREHEAT oven at 350F. 

    SAUTÉ your onions and mushrooms for 4 minutes

    ADD the two cups of rice and sauté all together for another minute. 

    COVER your rice with one pouch of the mole sauce. Mix to combine.

    ADD one cup of water and pressure cook for 12 minutes. If you are making your rice on the stove, cook on LOW for 20 minutes.

    REMOVE the seeds and veins of your peppers and stuff them with the rice.

    SPRINKLE Cheese and bake at 350F for 15 minutes.


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