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    Mounted Eggs with Mole sauce

    This easy breakfast idea will have you impressed! It is super easy to put together and the results are delicious! Grab your ingredients and make it next time you are craving an elevated egg breakfast! 

    SERVES 4 


    8 eggs 

    8 corn tortillas 

    Oil for Frying 

    One pouch of our Authentic Mole

    Toppings: sesame seeds, queso fresco, fresh cilantro, onions, jalapeños, and even sour cream are all great ideas for toppings! 


    HEAT oil in a frying pan at medium heat

    ADD your tortillas and pass them in the oil. Let them change color and become crispy.  this step will take about 30 seconds per side.

    COOK your eggs. Fried eggs or sunny side up are perfect for this recipe. 

    MOUNT your eggs on the tortilla and top them with the Authentic Mole sauce. 

    ADD your desired toppings and ENJOY! 





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