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    Our Story

    Our story begins in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico where my brother, Jess, and I, grew up. Throughout our childhood, we enjoyed our mother Gabriela’s carefully crafted dishes that highlighted her signature homemade sauces. As the years progressed, our family went through many changes. The biggest change being moving to the United States. As hard as the transition was, one thing remained authentically Mexican: our mother’s cooking. We decided that her gourmet sauces were just too delicious to keep to ourselves and so Saucy Lips was born!

    Our family has dedicated the past few years to sharing our sauces with the world. We started selling her saucy creations at local farmer’s markets, which we still do! Our ultimate goal is to bring families back to the table with amazing food. From the very beginning to today, we can proudly say that we have expanded into retailers NATIONWIDE! As my brother Jess once said, “As we grow and expand from our original line of sauces, we want to continue delivering clean label products, but incorporate more of the rich and authentic Mexican flavors we grew up with”. As a women-led business, we are looking forward to expanding our brand and continue to turn Saucy Lips into a household name!


    Thanks for your support!


    "We believe that when families come together great things can happen"

    - Saucy Lips Family