Our Story

Welcome to Saucy Lips, where we celebrate the flavors of our Mexican heritage with every bottle of our homemade sauces. Our story begins in the Yucatan Peninsula, where our mother Gabriela passed down her passion for cooking and her secret recipes to us. When our family moved to the United States, we knew we had to share her delicious sauces with the world. So we started selling them at local farmer's markets, and now we're proud to say that Saucy Lips is available in retailers nationwide!

Our mission is simple: to bring families back to the dinner table with the most amazing food imaginable. And as a women-led business, we're excited to continue expanding our brand and making Saucy Lips a household name. Whether you're looking to spice up your weeknight meals or add some authentic Mexican flavor to your next fiesta, we've got you covered. So go ahead, get saucy with us!

Thanks for your support!

Natalia, Co-Founder

"We believe that when families come together great things can happen"

- Saucy Lips Family