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    The Saucy Lips Family

    Natalia, Gabriela & Jess

    Jess and Natalia grew up in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico eating delicious meals made by their mother, Gabriela. After moving to the US, the family started selling Gabriela's delicious and saucy creations at local farmers markets. Their goal? To share Gabriela's delicious creations and bring families back to the table with good food! With the help of their women-led team, Saucy Lips has expanded to retailers Nationwide. “As we grow and expand from our original line of sauces, we want to continue delivering clean label products, but incorporate more of the rich and authentic Mexican flavors we grew up with.” Jess Dalton


    Saucy Lips is a Miami, FL based Mexican-American family-owned and operated food company. All of our flavorful sauces have been created by our mother, Gabriela. What started as a local farmers’ market business, now with our women-led team, has been expanded to stores Nationwide. We believe in creating extraordinary flavors handcrafted with fresh, clean ingredients. Our products deliver on bold flavor without the added sugar and unnecessary additives.


    Through working directly with thousands of customers for feedback, we’ve been able to craft the ultimate condiments: incredibly versatile sauces that are as healthy as they are delicious. We continue expanding our current product lines and venturing into new and exciting categories. Our mom always puts flavor first, while also making sure anyone can enjoy her recipes, regardless of diets, lifestyles, or allergies.

    "We believe that when families come together great things can happen"

    - Saucy Lips Family