Ghost Pepper & Tamarind Sauce, Marinade & Dressing | Hot & Spicy

Ghost Pepper & Tamarind Sauce, Marinade & Dressing | Hot & Spicy

Ghost Pepper & Tamarind Sauce, Marinade & Dressing | Hot & Spicy

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Award Winning Hot Sauce! Don't let the ghost peppers scare you; We add tamarind, carrots, and raisins to tame down the heat and give it unbelievable flavor! 

— Fresh ingredients, No sweeteners of any type (natural or artificial), and most importantly NO VINEGAR (hot sauces with vinegar give you acid reflux).

— Perfect for adding on top of your favorite foods or cooking deliciously spicy meals! 

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What our fans are saying!

We can't keep enough Saucy Lips sauces in our pantry. With one quick pour, I can infuse any Whole30 meal with an explosion of bright, bold flavor.

Melissa Urban, Whole30 Co-Founder and CEO

I first discovered Saucy Lips at a farmers market while living in Arizona, and I have been hooked ever since! Not only are the sauces delicious, but they are made with wholesome ingredients that you can recognize. They are my go-to for marinating chicken or fish, a dressing on my salad, or a kick to my eggs at breakfast. I always have the full line stocked in my cabinet!

Sarah Kesseli, Co-Founder of Meal Prep On Fleek

What I love most about Saucy Lips is the vibrancy and life it brings to any dish. The variety of choices can dress up any meal and take your recipe from good to extraordinary with a few tablespoons of these sauces! We let the sauce do all the heavy flavor lifting in our kitchen!

Stacie Zollars, CEO of SugarFace Bakes
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