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    Find Saucy Lips in Whole Foods Nationwide!

    We’re so excited to announce that you can now find our Zesty Cilantro, Ghost Pepper Tamarind, and Jalapeño Green Apple sauces in Whole Foods Nationwide!

    That’s right, WHOLE FOODS NATIONWIDE! And it all started with a dream by our mother, Gabriela. 

    My sister and I grew up in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico eating delicious meals made by our mother. When we moved to the United States almost a decade ago, she began selling her delicious sauces at local farmers markets. Her dream? To share her amazing creations and bring families back to the table with good food. 

    We have put a lot of hard work and love into getting our mother’s recipes in your hands. Today, thanks to all of the customer love and support over the years, as well as our amazing team at Saucy Lips, our mother's dream is finally becoming true! She now has the opportunity to reach more people with her sauces!

    Starting May 4th, we will start rolling out to all Whole Foods stores nationwide. Use the store locator above to find your nearest Whole Foods location, and then find us in the Ethnic/Hispanic food aisle!

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