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    Pineapple Thai Ahi Tuna Bowl

    Eating a healthy, quick and flavorful lunch never looked so good with this Pineapple Thai Ahi Tuna Bowl! 

    Recipe type: Lunch, Dinner 

    Serves: 1 (can easily double) 


    • 4oz ahi tuna, cut into desired size pieces 
    • 2 tbs Pineapple Thai Sauce
    • 2 cups mixed greens 
    • ½ cup sliced cucumbers 
    •  ¼ cup sliced watermelon radish 
    • ¼ cup sliced carrots 
    • ½ small avocado, diced 
    • Sesame seeds 


    1. Toss ahi tuna with Pineapple Thai
    2. Place mixed greens into a bowl 
    3. Top with remaining ingredients 
    4. Finish with a sprinkle of sesame seeds 
    5. Finish off with an extra drizzle of Pineapple Thai, if desired 


    Recipe Credits: Sarah at 

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