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Pumpkin Mustard Roasted Potatoes

November 17, 2016

Pumpkin Mustard Roasted Potatoes

Breakfast, lunch or dinner oven roasted Pumpkin Mustard potatoes make a delicious side dish any time of day! 

Recipe type: Side dish 

Serves: 4 


  • 2 cups potatoes, diced 
  • ¼ cup  Pumpkin Mustard  


  1. Preheat oven to 425 degrees F 
  2. Line a baking sheet with foil and coat with nonstick spray or oil 
  3. Toss diced potatoes with pumpkin mustard 
  4. Evenly spread potatoes on the baking sheet 
  5. Roast for about 20-30 minutes or until fork tender 


Recipe Credits: Sarah at 

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