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Mango Habanero Wings

We like our wings HOT! Bring the heat this winter by trying this wing recipe made with our Tangy Mango and Habanero Carrot sauce! The result is a tangy and spicy flavor that everyone will enjoy! 

Servings 4


6 Full chicken wings (or 12 party wings)

1/4 of a cup of our Tangy Mango sauce 

2 TBSP of our Habanero Carrot

salt and pepper



PREHEAT oven at 425 F

DRY your chicken wings and season with salt and pepper

BAKE wings for 40 min flipping them halfway

WHILE the wings cook, mix the Tangy Mango sauce with the Habanero Carrot. taste it do desired heat (2 tbsp is medium heat)

REMOVE wings from the oven they should be fully cook at this point. 

BRUSH with the sauce on both sides and then BROIL for 6 minutes. 





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