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    Al Pastor Wings

    You haven't tried wings quite like these! Our Al Pastor simmering sauce is the perfect sauce to coat your wings and give it that rich and delicious flavor! 


    12 wings

    1 pouch of @saucylipsfoods Al Pastor Sauce

    For toppings: Chopped Cilantro and onions. 

    For dipping: We mixed ranch with our Zesty Cilantro sauce, but also a good salsa verde would do the trick!



    1-Toss the wings with 4 oz of the sauce (1/2 of the pouch)

    2- Cook the wings, we did the air fryer method at 400 for 20 minutes flipping them half way. 

    3- Remove wings while hot and toss on the other 4oz of the sauce. 

    4-Top with your toppings and enjoy! 



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